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teen who thought he could get away with anything found out he can't. >> max wade was trying to impress a girl, but just got a harsh dose of reality, according to one opinion. >> a teenager doing it all for love, but in the end, he lost the girl, the car, and now his freedom. >> find the defendant guilty of a felony violation. >> while max wade faces his fate as a convicted criminal, his mother can no longer contain herself, crying out in court, we love you, baby. >> i love you, baby! >> reporter: wade was already larger than life as a teenager, known for things like breaking into a ma run county mansion to host his own party. his follow errs trying to -- followers tried to bust him out of jail, but the jury convicted him of much more serious actions, like firing several shots into a moving car from his motorcycle, jealously aiming at a boy riding with the girl max loved. >> i think it's a very, very difficult time for the family. >> reporter: max was also convicted of stealing a $200,000 lamborghini, belonging to celebrity chef guy ferrier, driving the car right off a showroom floor.
jurors will hear from the trial of max wade. he is accused of stealing a lamborghini in a dealership in 20skphrefpb on trial for the attempted murders of -- 2011, and on trial for the attempted murder of a class mate she was infaterated with and her then boyfriend. he insists his client did not do the shooting. >>> a bay area complex is sued for discrimination. the owners of the woodland garden apartment in fremont discriminated families with children biprohibits children to may in the grass. prosecutors are seeking monetary damages and civil penalties. >>> well, b.a.r.t's unions will vote on a contract agreement this week f. it is approved we should be strike free for another four years. but, what happens after that? efforts are already underway to make sure there will not be a next time. >> so, clearly something wrong at bart when it -- b.a.r.t when it comes to collective bargain eninging. a bush to ban future b.a.r.t strikes saying something needs to be done. >> there is a pattern that it goes over and over again. >> reporter: with so many politics keeping cozy relations with la
. i just wanted to keep it straight and to the point. let's wrap this up. >> max wade is also accused of trying to kill a girl after she rejected his advances. >>> delegation of european diplomats arrived in washington today demanding that the u.s. limit the surveillance of their leaders. >> we have to make a clear distinction between fighting terrorism and spying on friends. >> this comes after revelations the u.s. had been snooping on the german chancellor since 2002. >> that information is important in keeping us safe. that is how we uncover terrorist plots so we need to gather information around the world. we also need to target our efforts on threats. >> senator finestein is calling for a review. >>> if you are going to sign up for obama care, you have an extra six weeks now. this has come after the botched efforts to get the website up and running. >>> what is google up to in the bay? well only on kpix5, what we discovered about the top secret operation. >>> a lawmaker under fire. why he said he would vote for slavery if he had to. >> and would you pay extra for soda? the push f
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)

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